Will Play For Food

Will Play For Food Moves to Festival Format

If music tours were ranked like albums, the Will Play for Food Tour has been a multiplatinum success. Christian artists Downhere, Fusebox, Ever Stays Red, Pivitplex, Grand Prize, Jonah33, Charmaine and others not only performed many amazing concerts across the country, they impacted thousands of lives through their music and their message. The tour encouraged fans to reject apathy, cynicism and materialism, and to help people who suffer from hunger, poverty and disease.

The Will Play For Food tour is moving to a festival format. It will feature Christian artists, speakers and an emphasis on service.

The Will Play For Food tour inspired hundreds of people to sponsor children through international organizations and encouraged thousands of others to participate in World Week, join a short-term missions team or serve the poor close to home.

DownherePutting faith into action is the driving idea behind the Will Play for Food Weekend. Participating artists inspire concertgoers to get involved in the world around them and sacrifice some luxuries as an expression of their concern for the poor. Leading by example, the bands, each known for thought-provoking, challenging lyrics, stay with host families instead of hotels and restaurants.

"We're encouraging people to battle apathy and complacency," says downhere’s Marc Martel. The band, recognized for the introspection that defines its artistry and spirituality, won a Dove Award for Modern Rock Recorded Song of the Year for “Breaking Me Down” from the album So Much for Substitutes. The album has also received a Juno Award nomination for Contemporary Christian/Gospel Album of the Year from the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.

WorshipA Will Play For Food Weekend typically will start with a Friday evening rally that features a citywide worship team with guest Christian artists.  (A Will Play For Food worship leader will help you organize the citywide worship team). The rally includes an inspiring message by Children In Need president Christopher Redner on how you can transform your community by demonstrating Christ's love in practical ways.

Saturday morning features ministry workshops designed to motivate and equip local Christians to serve.  We'll help you organize and publicize a hands-on activity for like a Water Walk or serving at a soup kitchen.


Participants in the take a four-mile trek through downtown streets, carrying buckets of water. They learn how hard women work in developing countries just to gather water.


"I felt the agony that women in the Third World countries feel," said Bridget, a middle school student, of her experience in the Water Walk . "I can't believe how much they have to do to get water for their families."


Developing Christian artists from your area perform at a Saturday afternoon mini-festival where they will be evaluated by the audience and by a panel of Christian music executives, members of downhere and other national Christian artists. Finalists are invited to perform with Charmaine, downhere or other Will Play For Food artists in the closing concert Saturday evening. Charmaine, downhere and the finalists will talk about specific ministry opportunities during the concert.

To bring Will Play For Food to your church or city, please call us at 253.874.8400 or fill out our concert form. Artists who want to participate in Will Play For Food should call 253.874.8400.